Activity sectors

IFRAS S.p.A. is active in several different sectors  which it organizes with professionality and efficiency supporting client needs with comprehensive and integrated solutions.



- Construction and restructuring of civil and industrial buildings .

- Construction of roads, motorways, railways, ports and airports.

- Installation, widening, transformation and maintenance of

  power stations.

- Construction and management of dumps.

- Water treatment plants for civil and industrial waste water.

- Water purification plants.






- Project for environmental protection intervention.

- Planning in the environmental engineering sector.

- Planning and realization of environmental regeneration projects.

- Retrieval and evaluation of cultural heritage .

- Environmental impact evaluation .

- Elaboration of new technology for the realization of territorial

  systems for the evaluation of urban and surrounding areas.

- Collection, elaboration and management of territorial, economic

  and environmental data including natural resources.



- Planning and realization of IT systems.

- Services of analyses, planning and reorganization of data .

- Planning and development of data bases .

- Planning and realization of geographic information systems (GIS).




- Techno-administrative and management consultancy.

- Research of financing.

- Elaboration of feasibility studies and costs/benefits analyses.

- Selection and training of personnel.




- Local development plans.

- Assistance in negotiating of territorial planning projects.

- Assistance in the planning, realization and management

  of associated services.

- Training.

- Assistance in planning initiatives in the sector of partnership

  and international cooperation.

- Research of means of financing.

- Elaboration of studies aimed at modernizing public bodies

  and their relevant services.




- Professional and refresher courses.

- Exam and specialist courses.

- Projects for the reintroduction of personnel into the work force

  with special reference to special categories of people looking for work.

- Creation of new jobs through projects of professional qualification

  and refresher courses.


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