Ifras is an important entrepreneurial firm founded in 1990 as a company working in the services sector.

IFRAS S.p.A. is a Sardinian Company set up in 1990 which operates in the sectors of construction, engineering, territorial planning, agriculture, information technology, economic and financial consultancy, administrative assistance, accountancy, management and training. The well-organized company structure places Ifras S.p.A. in an ideal position to provide real solutions to every situation both in the local and national market. This ability highlighted by its capacity to realize specific business solutions, has enabled it down through the years to extend its success and business activities abroad.


Objectives and strategies

IFRAS S.p.A. uses its experience to examine the different market contexts in order to anticipate eventual changes. This mean constantly evaluating our own competence and significantly strengthening our bonds with clients and the territory in which we operate.


Legal headquarters: Viale Liegi, 44 Roma · Head office: Via delle Miniere, 2 Elmas (CA)

Tel. 0039070 2425331 · Fax. 0039070 2425504 · ifras@pec.it